10 July 2008

The Anatomy of a Birthday Gift

My Plurk widget doesn't seem to be visible.... hmmm. Probably the cyberspace cannot take too much exposure OF me lately... or the lack of it. I had been in and out updating these things. Writer's block hit me for 2 weeks... or probably my brain cells are sipping a different juice in my brain.

But hey, I am back.

Birthdays. People love to hate it and hate to love it. In some cultures like mine, the celebrator is "almost" required to treat everybody when he adds another year to his age... while in western cultures, the friends or family of the celebrator are the ones who will treat them to celebrate that they are still alive, regardless if they have been good or bad (like the qualifications to get a gift from Santa) the past year they harvested. So, in connection with that... if you will follow the western ways: DO NOT HAVE TOO MANY FRIENDS! So you would not treat a lot of people in a month! :P :P :P Now, if you follow my culture... same advice! So you won't hide during your birthday! :P :P

What embodies a birthday gift? I love giving gifts and surprises--- be it for an occasion or not. I just love how it makes my loved ones feel. But ultimately, gift is not and shouldn't be "just" an obligation. It should be made or be sold out of LOVE. Well, set aside the obligatory rights of sending/giving gifts to the wedding of your neighbor whom you hated but you were being sent and blackmailed by your parents to come because they aren't as tolerable as you to painstakingly show face and stay a bit at the reception.... AHERM! But really, gifts are given as "care bear treasures." They are symbols of ardor and thanksgiving (according to Wishipedia world).

So this blog is dedicated to the birthday people I care about in their own ways-- Moo and Daphne.

And here is a gift with a labour of love and sacrifice... and hardcore battering of my PC to edit while it is experiencing a Murphy's Law vortex:

And for this, Feliz CumpleaƱos Moo and Daphne! I really do care and I am always here for you guys. Another year, another maze. And through it all I will be fabulously watching after you...

Anatomically yours,
Wishkey in a martini glass

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