05 August 2008

Requisition Inquisition Queue Requests

Too many Qs you reckon?

That's the result of always thinking of making a blog entry yet you have too many to deliberate but you just cannot express so. Too much it's too less. Both evils.

I had been weirdly feeling oddly the best of both extremes of happiness and sadness. I cannot explain how but it is there. I dig deep and I have too many answers in between. This trip is making me get older and wiser... that I will find answers along its way on how should I implement my fruit cocktail life into something worthy of cherries on top. The fact that the ingredients are there, I need to pick them up and have someone weave the basket though.

I am frustrated by the things that are beyond my control yet I know I have to hold on to. I am very impatient yet someone who is still sleeping peacefully at night... regardless of the tears shed, millions of prayers genuflected and smiles shimmered before closing my eyes at night. I am my own metaphor.

I am where I am, slowly getting where I should be. I came to realise pointers in my life that has to be reviewed and recognised. I am afraid for some and I am grateful for another half. All that matters is that I know it will never end until I stop.

I will still buy my villa and write a book at some point in my life. But right now, I have to fend for myself and my cats... to a new environment soon.

Still in Singapore. Where I should be for now.

shivering spiced wish

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