03 February 2009

Re-blogging. Revived.

I disappeared and now I am back.

This is the thing about having a loose philosophy about blogging. You think about writing all the time but you are not really tied up to write just to beat deadlines. I could've written a lot more if not because of my hectic move from one country to another and not having a home connection for almost 2 months.

Ahhh... I lived without the internet... well, at least, at home because I am fully connected with 2 computers in the office but of course, I am good enough to utilise it only for work, and not leisure.

I do not really miss Manila. But I just saw this post from Bates' website (an ad agency in Sg):

Here are the top 20 changes that are happening in The Philippines.

1. From independent to mainstream.
2. From western to OPM.
3. From homosexual to homolingual.
4. From telenovelas to Asianovelas.
5. From messaging to mobile currency.
6. From homemaker to breadwinner.
7. From husband to houseband.
8. From long-haul traveler to local tourist.
9. From saving for tomorrow to living for today.
10. From haute couture to home couture.
11. From living room to cyberspace.
12. From 9 to 5 to 24/7.
13. From friendly ties to family ties.
14. From Maria Clara to femme fatale.
15. From tourists to settlers.
16. From blue collar to blue chip.
17. From flea markets to E-markets.
18. From spectator to spectacle.
19. From talking green to walking green.
20. From colonial mentality to proudly Pinoy.

It is funny and accurately true! I am not patriotic but there are things I can appreciate more about my native homeland when you're looking from afar. It is not as much but things I value morally. Looking from afar also make me feel so happy I'm out of there and I am giving myself more chance to be a global corporate-creative bitch.

I should be updating you more here. I have better chances to write much again now so I'll check in again soon.

Soulful moonchild basking under the sun!

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