14 March 2009

Another Frothy Wisdom from Wish' Teacup

"The best to find the best man for you is not by looking for him, but looking for yourself first."

That's one of the best things I have learned on my journey to peace of mind.

I just said that to my good amiga today, to let her know how important it is to love thyself before loving others. Woman desperately look for love in wrong places, wrong timings and for the wrong reasons. They never realise that love should come from within and for themselves to seize first, before sharing it to the world.

It really has to be a long way before getting to realise this. It even takes so much energy and courage to accept that this is the way the world works. Ego has to be set aside then kick ass in the end. What more boost of an ego to gain a wisdom like this? Too bad that most women oversee and blame the assholic men and never realise that it might be their valid mistake too.

Or maybe it was also the mistake of these assholes too... have to retract back a little bit because the cases are very complex and vast. But in the end, women, also men, have to ask themselves first: "Who am I and what do I really want? Am I worth to be with myself first?"

And I am back to blogging. I should. Too many things to share.

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