03 September 2008

Words Rendered a Juxtapose Ponder Pt.1

I am microblogging as if it is a side dish to my job hunting and designing at work, at the corner of my flat. It is my own RSS feed to what is happening with the world and lives of others in circumstantial to their timeline of thoughts.

You find people you can connect with, get inspired with, learn from and laugh with.

I haven't been writing poems in such a long time that I dedicate myself to paragraphs, stories and real-time writing about my life and what I feel about things. And there I found Edward Beaman-Hodgkiss (http://www.penmeapoem.com/) naturally swept my lexeme back to life. Here are our collaborations so far, non-deliberate poetry that is worth sharing and keeping:



the rain gently pours down on the Sunday dusk...

where will my ardour be?

Thoughts encircling the moisture of dreams...


...that spiral upwards like wisps of kisses meeting the lips of heaven.


Drain thy shades of fear,

those body at arms shivering cold,

hovering through the mist to cohort.


release thy worries and seek succor in arms that will soak up poisons from your heart.

Linger soft lips upon my skin


Gentle touch spices down my taste buds;

as the rain dribbling down the thatch;

Fear evaporates- chills evolve to stupor.

My words become alive once more. It has been dug up from my past. I feel it in me again. And I thank Edward for it.

You can check out more about Edward at

http://beamansworld.blogspot.com/ and


Our plurks: www.plurk.com/user/beaman and www.plurk.com/user/wish

So my former entry was longer until LJ just erased it all without a reason. This is a repeat and I cannot update more. I can say something cheeky but just appreciate the poems.

More to come. I shall remain.


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