03 September 2008

Words Rendered a Juxtapose Ponder Pt.2

And so here's another one...



the clouds are darkening under the weight of their sodden wares.

Will the leaves across the road feel the light pitterpatter of watery gems?


Will the sound of light embrace the sordid hues?


perhaps, for now a white sun reflected mirror dominates the sky.

Like a table cloth laid for a future feast.


Seeping through my tunnel of sight,

your visions of white clouds like the spirit of wine...


...the same wine that sparkles on the cusp of your lips.

The sunshine that dances upon the gateway to your soul.


Magnetic forces is appearing before me;

perchance allowed to sway,

caressing your heat.


like two pairs of eyes dancing the tango on the surface of a lamp lit puddle at night.

Silent liaison


and so I exhort to capitulate into those loud whispers...

let it fill me...


...and fill you I shall,

with breathless revere as long as the moon will rise and fall.

 I would like to sweep you away to the top of the clouds and watch your gaze under the clear moon.


Cold water rushing down my spine,

rippling the calm lake of her imagination...

gazing at your paintings that your beautiful mind created


I sit there listening to pearl drops lovingly caresses your back as they move from the summit to the glorious lake of your mind.


All I can do now is rest my eyes on the amicable silhouette of your shade while the wind blows, forces me to clasp...

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