08 October 2008

The Thought of a Writer's Blank Space

A writer's block can take you to a different level of writing like what I am doing right now. Just brisking away as I am typing in my newly battered new keyboard. I just have to write something. My brain tells me to... but I do not know where my mind is wandering. They should be together!

I still stare blankly. I shall be more than this. Defeat the blank pages and carry on writing.

Okay 13 minutes passed. What shall I do to prick my blood out and let it bleed?

I feel in the state of limbo, feeling all the emotions you can feel, positive and negative. Too many things running through my mind and nerves that I cannot contain them in words... mere words to compensate the expression of your aural view.

After 2 hours... still here, blank. This is a nice experiment of a writer's block. So what do we do now?

I just realised that some friends never take me seriously. Am I too funny or nonsensical? Or because I look too young, I am tagged as a little girl and just take me for granted. Go ahead. Wrath... ack, leave me alone please.

Or maybe I must be doing something wrong? Too nice? Damn I am so nice lately I sometimes forget about my cussing. But who doesn't want it.

People in general usually gets complacent. They forget to appreciate. How sad. Or maybe people are so full of themselves they forget others? Am I that not memorable?

Alas, i might be picking the wrong friends! It IS my fault.

Fuck the drama.

Dad, will you be able to read this?

Okay I shall make sense next time. Another 16 minutes had passed.

Stay free, mates.

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