18 December 2009

The Prowess Unleashed… again? And Love Letters in a Nutshell (or paper?)

I would just need to put the word that is crawling unto my external environment: PUSSY. Yes, I did say it but what’s new about being blatant?

Pussy is a slang term for a frightful person who’s got no balls to stand up for something and make an impact of positivity, albeit just putting his head under the blanket and shiver with fear. I wish this is just literally purring and looking furrily cute but it isn’t.

There are different factors why we fear something. There’s a valid story behind them. But not every fear has a valid reason for not standing up and making a point if you think you are right and are contributing to a challenge and untie the knots of hurdles. Yet again, individuality sets in. Not everybody, unfortunately, gets it. Not everybody have a fucking idea. It frustrates the ones who get it. The ones who have got the fucking idea.

It all --- time and again, as I always express--- boils down to choices. When you grow up, you pick the good and the bad things that you would like to include in who you are and what you want your life to be. It’s just like iPhone apps. You choose the apps you want or need so you’ll experience your phone a lot better. Some may download apps in excess to what they want; others just don’t care as long as it is cool, while others just have no idea of what apps they will choose because there’s a $0.99 charge on each one of it.

You are really what you choose.

But this does not mean you’ll easily gain respect whatever you choose.

So what now?

I do not have all the answers for everybody but just one thing for myself: I detest pussies in this world.

So okay, this is being dealt with. Take your part and please do stand for yourself. Nobody will if you cannot show that you are taking a stand for yourself.


Romanticism is like a Lego set that you construct as an idea of your vision about these building blocks available to you.

I love love. Romance is a business. Therefore, an unconventional fascination towards who you adore is one of the greatest things that you should live for.

This is the best love letter I have ever received, 29 years of my life.

Having received hundreds of creative ones before, it’s been a while. Emails, chats, eCards, social networking… blah blah blah… replaced the ideas of the craft of old school hand-written letters and highlighted the laziness of expression nowadays.

I’m a big tekkie but I still support traditional media. Convergence is my thing, not killing the mother ship of any idea. It’s the spirit of something that counts.

Back to the letter. I am very protective of my privacy of my relationship but this letter is definitely worth sharing. It is made out of ridicule and silliness but in all ways, I appreciate it. Honest, funny and real. The meaning is beyond what is written. It is made by hand, ink and pen. It is made of a bond beyond fibre. It is binded by trusted love.

You don’t grasp it? Well then, I hope that at least in your life, you can feel what is simple, genuine and true. No taints, no fakes. Transparency of your soul exuberates and influences other people. That is our role that’s why we all live.

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