21 May 2011

What can kill you will make you... weaker? I still refuse: Cancerous Mind.

A few moments ago, I just found out that my dad has a colon cancer. I had to write but now by doing this, I don't know what to say. Staring blankly at my screen in my dim bunker room, too many things are racing in my head.

These tears are gravely watched by my own soul as it tries to find answers on why does this have to happen. My mum died a sudden, unexpected, mysterious death and now, my dad's condition has a common name that everyone recognise: CANCER.

I thought it was only a horoscope zodiac sign. I've met a lot of people who survived it, who's got a family loss out of it and others who passed away because of it. It's been a clichè you keep on hearing that "it's not going to happen to us" but it did somehow.

You just can't say in this world what's good or bad, what's the standard truth to avoid this amongst other diseases.

Our body's just... fragile, no matter how strong or weak you are. But it's your soul that could transcend an amazing amount of courage and power to make sure that you live.


I may not make much sense but this is the way to get past through this news and make sure I am strong enough and my mind's STILL positive enough to say that this is not the end.

Friends, please call. It will mean a lot.


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