16 January 2011

Dishing Up Life For My Future Siblings...

I have an idea to get back into blogging. It doesn't mean that I have run out of ideas to write. It's just that I do not kick myself much to get on into this more regularly. I don't want this obligation but I should continue to impart thoughts and inspirations to people who wanted some direction from an outer source to get back into their inner soul after.

I just thought that I should be writing something that will be a time capsule for my future children. At their generation, this blogging practice must be like an old locked diary for them to explore what their mums and dads were during their younger days. So I should start now, one lesson, one advice, one funny thought and one ideas at a time.

Life lesson no 0001:

Do not bring your first date in Thai, Chinese or Indian restaurant.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE these cultural dishes (I just ate at a great Thai restaurant tonight). It's just that you don't want to have a bad breath from spices or get a "run", just in case. Best foot forward!

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