14 September 2011

Monotone Rainbow Up In The Search Engine

There are so many contrasts of people, generations and trends. I had a question in my head:

"Is it me, or is it the generation, or is it the age?" - Thinking about this question now, I negated my own self. I am sure people ask the same things most of the time especially this.

I was cynical of the future youth. But studying in Italy last year changed my mind. My conclusion was that there is hope in the future-- having met young and bubbly people who live life like a party and are university achievers.

As I go to one workplace to another, that's where I get more exposed to younger employees... and I've been in that position too. Would you really compare then and now? Or I should go back to my law of individuality that you are what you choose.

Younger generation have more tools to play around and expand worlds. Development and even typing didn't need typewriting ribbons or liquid papers anymore. Not generalising but most convenience of technology today is making kids lazy.

They are lazy to talk face to face.
They are lazy to climb trees and play tag under scorching heat.
They are lazy to learn harder; Google is always there.
They are lazy.

This laziness causes people to take things for granted. They think that the world will never end as long as they're connected online. They look at books funnily. They don't need to store information in their heads because their mighty smartphone will always give them an answer.

This laziness stops juvenile professionals to work harder, to learn harder, to perform harder. A little pebble on the road seems like a complete tsunami disaster to them. They don't put fire into their eyes. Because technology is available.

I am upset. I am sad. But I am not lazy to feel those.

My own fire is constantly burning. This fire will be scorching for a while to hopefully turn things around. That's the only thing I can do for these juvenile generation. Teach them to grow up. That technology is not God, it's a tool from God to be used smartly.

Relaxed is good, lazy is ho-hum.

I am a geek. But I live. How about you?

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