22 May 2008

Deleted In The Face Of The Planet Cyberia

Memories... either they make you or break you.

Remember Big Bang Theory? I wonder how much asteroid dust it had produced. Powdered rocks... like how we push memories we want to forget... or probably forgotten but the fragment of details lie underneath.

I continue conquering my life. It hasn't really staggered my dreams and goals--- anally-wise. But some things can haunt you no matter how much you face it without any protection, without any fists covering your face. What about running away from it? Seems like there is no way to shatter the haunting but time. But I don't want any spite, anger, fear, worry, annoyance nor sadness anymore...

Tides are still high and low. Still have to go through it.

I already expressed my hate as hate. I still never regret anything.

I wish I can hurt back. I just wish revenge. But I mean so well. It looks like a complete contradiction but it's really for the good of my planet.

Overcasting my solitude are dusts of time.


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