14 May 2008

Better Days... and Boxer Gloves Phase

I am improving more and more everyday. My friends see me brighter, healthier and smiling more as usual. I know everybody missed the crazy bitch and I guess she's so back!

I am in the loathing phase... not really hurting my chest but it's out of ridicule. My logical brain has taken over the emotional side of me and can see much clearer. Who says I cannot love again? Who says I won't be the same again?

Well I won't be the same again in a way I am spring cleaning my life. I am finding out more things far from the superficial days of partying. I don't need shit anymore and I won't take any of this crap from anybody ever. If so, I can make mistakes along the way but these things will be picked up, studied and thrown in the gutter of hell.

I cannot be with a bunch of cowards. A bunch of people who's got heart and soul but doesn't know how to use it properly. Being kind is one but what is the context behind this value for you? Being kind cannot equal being courageous to be kind. Different levels of responsibilities. This was a World Trade Center metaphor case. It was being built high and mighty and one hit of a plane, the foundation collapsed to grounds of rocks and shrapnels of glasses. Lame-O.

I had been looking around cartoons and I've found perfect ones right on the spot:



I love it.

So I am very much alive. Divine intervention. It's because I never fail to trust. Trust and have faith with the help of The Higher Power. Love, faith and support from my Dad, brother, sister, best friends and online friends... and someday, the right one for me (from my little brother's mouth "Next time, when you get a boyfriend, make sure you get to know them most especially the family okay? No more Mama's boy!").

In the meantime, I am riding the waves. I am focusing on my career and friends and peaceful hobbies that will enhance my entire being.

I shall remain. Resilience enjoying the rain.


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