24 May 2008

Overhauling Pardon Apology: The Drastically Quixotic Makeover

Oh yes... the time I had been waiting for.

I attacked my hair and found the perfect salon after weeks of research. I never had a perfect vision of what style I wanted so I had several consultations in lots of salons. But my new stylist, Jing, who is the proprietor of Propaganda Salon, exactly knew what will make me elegantly fabulous this time.

Let me fire the bottomline cannon. This is a public apology to all my friends and loved ones (even to my Mommy in heaven) who begged and asked for a blood compact NOT to cut my hair any short. I was confident saying I won't and it would be maximum of 7 inches only so it would still be long.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I cut 17 inches. BUT! I shall donate that to the cancer society for cancer patients. So everything is for a good cause... I feel so happy about the new look and I will help a cancer patient to have hair after the awful chemo.

Let us take a look and say goodbye to my happy long hair:






I look like my mum. It's been 15 years ago since I last had my bangs cut. Last short hair was 2002... and it was horrible then haha.

I hope I will be pardoned. It's really nice, good for my height and it's very sophisticated. What matters is that I am happy and Wish is so back!!!

Do not falter peers, my hair grows rapidly... it's even long at the back... and I am booked for a new photo shoot next month for you to be much more convinced about this evolution.

Enjoy the weekend!

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