09 October 2008

Bitterness in A Sealed Jar

Jeroen says:
Yeah I know, I have to talk to her tonight. I want to go back to being friends.
wish frozenlipz says:
good. life is too short for any of us drag someone along without any guarantees.
wish frozenlipz says:
we have to be one less bitter person in this world.

ONE LESS BITTER PERSON IN THIS WORLD -- I just realised that. Now that I have grown and learned so much so far in my dear life, I shall avoid to hurt anyone and save as much people as I could to feeling bitter. Not just me, but all of us who's been hurt, been happy, been stabbed in the back... life is too short to drag some feelings of uncertainty for years.

The Confusion Stage: to stay or to leave?

It is still better to hurt now than later. We tend to chose the latter. To keep on going and checking the "what ifs" to come to life. But usually, we do not trust our instincts and stay instead of leaving. You end up chaining yourself and dragging the other person to the sand of wonders and instability. We tend to get complacent, loathe and cheat away because we are selfish enough not to think of what is the best to do but pat ourselves in the head with what will make us feel better or secured. On the other hand, we also try not to break someone thinking if you stop now, they will be shattered... until we cannot stretch the rubber anymore and it can break much harder than it was before.
the karmic test
The Cheater's Testing Ground of Escape: Karmic
But then again all of these are relative. Each situation in our lives are unique that we just have to be conscientious enough to do what is right for ourselves and others.

Another chance to vent. And ponder. Things you can learn from just a couple of words from a chat away...

The difference of "like" and "love" are completely similar yet different in nature. It is just like mistaking love to infatuation or like to lust. As much as we want this world to be simple, its expensiveness, we usually cannot afford. But achievable. We don't even need a bail-out to bail out of these painful decisions in love but I reckon the best way to realise what is the real thing is by looking at our own selves and know what you really want out of this person we feel about. The risk factor is about the other whether to respond the same way.

The Clueless The Like Led by Ego
S/He loves me, S/He loves me not Stages

I tend to loop my writings since they all make sense, considering two sides of the coin.

It is sad to know and be aware that people can separate physical from emotions. That "what happened" is nothing but. That "it was fun" and that's it. That "pretend it didn't happen" and forgotten. That "I am not ready" but I do it anyway. I guess it is everybody's fault. I always say "nothing will happen if someone says no." Albeit we allow it all the time. Maybe we needed intimacy at that time... but is intimacy so tainted now that intimacy is nothing but physical?

Just too... Physical: Emptiness Aftermath

I browse online everyday, looking around, knowing some of them and at the end of the day, people are looking for the real thing. Perfection is even being overlooked at because I can see that people cannot stand perfect. They cannot stand what is real. They want it and when they get it, they run away. I sometimes am idealistic and think that if we can stitch all these longing people by pairs, the world will have less heartbreaks-- again it is impossible.

Stalker Selfless

unrequited love 2
Unrequited Love

In denial: Blinded

In denial: Numb

Time ticks and never stops. The world will carry on with its seasons and reasons and we keep on breathing. People will constantly break and make... and evolve to better or worse. As much as I could, I will try to be one less of a bitter person in this universe... though I am breaking at times.

Wish in the Future.

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