23 October 2008

The Grandieur of Prizes and Settling Consolation of Defeatists

People don't seem to like accepting and keeping "the prize". They love "the settle".

I got dissed by my room mate yesterday. She welcomed her ex that I absolutely dislike in my pad. I just got back from my ole hometown so I just dropped my overnight backpack, walk out the door without anything but my house keys. I started walking down 8 flights down instead of the lift, being so upset to walk it off. I ended up in my neighbor's place, J,  to chill.

J and I talked about it until I felt better. Life. Friendships. Relationships. We both have the same idea. That lots of people in this world don't like "the prize" when they have it. People take this for granted, when they have the best person for them. They are complacent and ungrateful. Or sometimes, freaked out to have something not melodramatic but perfect.

Instead, they always go for "the settle". They think that they cannot have or the perfect is unachievable so they settle to the one that is easy to have, undermining what they really need. Now they delude themselves that this is the one for them and void the idea of "the prize".

Remember that before you get "the prize", you have to go through some difficulties and entry forms to fill up... the works. Too much hardwork at first, so people, give up and give in to their weak souls. But the difference of this against "the settle" is that the fruits of accepting your prize would be a lifelong happiness that you would never regret, rather than settling to something because it is easy-- that you already have dedicated much of your time to it, that you have invested on it for so long, you deny yourself of something that must be something greater.

I settled a lot in my last relationship. And it crushed me to bits only to see that I shamed myself by doing so. I pulled myself back up and here I am, aware of what I deserve.

I do not want to be "the settle" and I do not think I am.

I cannot have "the settle" because I need "the prize".

I can only write. I may or may not influence or open other people's eyes but here is my wisdom gained. Something to share.

Can I have my prize now?

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