27 October 2008

Morbidity and Life

I was aware of 4 death news in the span of 10 days. Death is really inevitable.

As I always say, like from Robbie Williams' song Come Undone, "I'm not scared of dying, I just don't want to". True enough, life is so short that you have to extend possibilities and stretch it in ways that you could or more than you could expect. I am into gore and goth so lately, I celebrate life and death in my own ways.

I just needed a small post, connected to my blog entry at my collaboration blog with my best friend
http://tallsmallshow.livejournal.com/10404.html - about a great person who is well-loved by anybody who came across his path of life, Manny Distor. I went to his funeral last week and spoken to his sister, Luisa, who is holding up pretty well, regardless of her sudden loss of her 37-year old health and sports buff brother. He expanded his life to the extreme fullest regardless of dying young. One heart attack, as nobody's aware, even himself of his condition. Gone in the soils of the earth but will never be forgotten.

I just wanted to post our production pics here (circa 2006), in memory of Manny:

Italianni's @ Greenbelt 3

It was fun. You will be so missed Manny...

Everybody, embrace life and love. Death is just another beginning.

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