02 July 2009

Clicker and the Colourful Life it Ticks

This is a very late blog from when I had this experience. I went to Manila for a few days so I only had the time to post this here just now.

Last week, June 23rd, I attended Steve Mc Curry's talk sponsored by my company. I just wanted to meet another National Geographic photographer and hear what he says.

I believe that photographers will be at their heights of success, published or unpublished, because they have the "eye". Yes, in this digital age, people have more advantage to click away and get enough good photos because they can review it right away. But coming from traditional film to digital, pro photographers just get better and better with this advantage.

As Steve answered one of my colleague's question, he said that there is no difference between film and digital for him. Digital can just do more than what a film can do but regardless, he said that, "it's not the camera but the photographer." I couldn't agree more.

I saw more of his works while he talked and clicked away slide after slide in his presentation on the projector. I was in awe. I was not surprised though but his style of using colours gives more soul to the picture. A true NatGeo blood. A true gatekeeper of eye capture in a frame.

So I got a quick chance to speak with him, showing me his baby on his mobile phone. It was a lovely cat. Don't we just love mobile phone cameras too... easy to carry a photo album with you!

It was a great experience. It's always great to hear great successful people talk. They earned it because they are talented and is still working hard for it. Quentin Tarantino did it for me too!

Steve Mc Curry is kind enough to bow to my height a little bit

Check out his website at http://www.stevemccurry.com/

Top photo credit: Magnum Photos for Steve Mc Curry's Tailor in Monsoon taken in India, 1983. (Steve said that this guy was being tracked down by the sewing machine company and gave him a new one :) )

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