06 July 2009

A Year of New 'Dos and Haphazarding Observations


It has been a year and 2 days since I came around and got over my painful past and started living life surrounded by good things. I got over so much of the bitterness and anger and gave myself a chance to live peacefully with myself and others. It was a heck of a great journey. Something where I will always look back and feel humbled and blessed.

The biggest wisdom earned: I am not that stupid. Because I know what I want in life and there is no compromise, I made great decisions that ended up so well, I cannot thank this gift of wisdom enough.


Another subject to tackle is that I just observed that in this superficial world, agents and spotters mostly think that only tall people has the X-factor. They settle with so-so looking peeps rather than having pretty shorties. I guess that's why it is superficial. It serves its part of the balance. Like money will make you look good... NOT. If you are fugly, you are fugly as trash with cash goes. (Oi, suck it, Wish.)

Okay, I am having some brain juice draught here but I need to put up some of my little thoughts over the last weekend. I'm out of here.

Life is beautiful. Keep that in mind.

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