13 July 2009

Positively Cynical: Yours Truly

I am considered a positive, go-getter person but it seems that a cog of my mind is still my old cynical self.

It’s all about puppy love and high school.

I have to confess that I’ve watched High School Musical 1, 2 and last night, 3. I am guilty of patrolling on something cheesy and no-brainer like this!!! Please do not castrate me (oh yeah I can remember I don’t have testicles, but you know what I mean). There are some days where the Disney Empire still runs through my veins and I get curious thus the movie played in my telly tube. Did I enjoy it? Not really.

I rolled my eyes for that “puppy-love-scene-development“ with Gabrielle and Zac’s character… I forgot what the name was. Those seriousness and “forever” theme makes me want to puke at this Generation Juvy (aside from not looking at Vanessa Hudgens the same way again after her sexual undie pics over the ‘net – not judging her but I cannot see a virginal character out of her anymore, to my amusement).

I invited a girl friend over dinner last weekend and we were talking about teenagers (when we were once before as well) thinking that they know everything. As we look back, yes we thought so and we learned everything the hard way. Nothing and no force can control this phenomenon but mistakes that make teenagers fall flat on their faces with lessons of reality, little by little, until they become mature adults (realistically, not everybody grows up though!).

What makes me feel sick about this High School love is that they delude kids that when you love at that age, it is yours forever-- that you won’t live nor survive without that person ever. That you have to beat all odds and be together even you’re miles apart when you go separate ways in college. That you rush things and think of marrying each other, or even falling to sex as early as 13 years of age!

My rant will be endless if I do not stop here. I’m sure you already catch my drift amongst the silver lining that they teach kids that love is powerful blah blah blah. You are still motivating them to be curious about kissing at that tender age and get pregnant in the process!

So, during the HS Musical 3 sequence, I kept on sighing and rolling my eyes on some scenes that involved these 2 movie/reality lovebirds. It comes to show that fantasy of many teenagers that this is the meaning of destiny, clinging on romance and dreams. After all, nobody knew better at that age.

The balloon can be popped once a teenager gets the taste of reality. You become older and hopefully wiser and life goes on. “It takes a lot of frogs to kiss before you will find your Prince Charming.” It’s just not about dating but individual life experiences. You leave the foolish high school-ness and carry on to realise that life is beyond what we knew it was before. That taking steps to the future is always a surprise, but can be strategically organised in a way. Unfortunately, not everybody has this perception. Especially the new generation teens. That media is to be blamed. And yet so maybe movies like this can be blamed partially.

I am afraid to be a parent in the future because of this. I don’t have any idea how my kids will turn out no matter how much I balance parenting and all that. But if I don’t try at some point, I wouldn’t know and I should be taking my own dose of truth: that I will know what to do when I get there; That my present will teach me the way for the future if I am open to life experience. And I always am.

Thus saying that, I will still keep rolling my eyes to juvenile love and deluded teenagers.

I'm trying to get a video parody but nothing seems that appropriate to my taste at the moment.

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